Inclement Weather Policy

Smith School Inclement Weather PolicySmith School Inclement Weather Policy

The school shall remain open at all times on all scheduled school days during inclement weather, if at all possible. Please note the following:

-      When the temperature is equal to or lower than -40 degrees Celsius at 6:00 a.m., the Transportation Coordinator along with the Superintendent may cancel school buses.  Individual operators are also granted discretionary power to cancel or alter their route to ensure the safety of the students being transported, and will advise the parents of the students on their route and the principal. Town students can get their information from the Smith School or Aspen View website. Information on school-wide bus cancellations is also shared with 92.7 FM Boom – Slave Lake; 630 AM CHED; 840 AM CFCW; City TV Edmonton; Global TV Edmonton and CFRN TV Edmonton.

-       If parents wish to drive their child to school, they are asked to drop off their child at the front entrance of the school no earlier than 8:30 a.m. It is also the parents responsibility to ensure that their child is adequately dressed and arrangements have been made for them to be picked up after school (3:20 pm).

-      If weather conditions become extremely adverse during the day, the school shall contact all parents/guardians to ensure that there is someone at home to receive the child.  If the parent/guardian cannot be contacted, the students will remain at the school until the parent has been contacted to make alternative arrangements to have the child picked up no later than normal bus drop-off time.

-      During school hours, when the outside temperature is -25, or if the temperature is -20, with a windchill, students will remain inside the school for all breaks. A final decision will be made at the discretion of the Principal and staff at the school.